Hydromechanical Variable Transmission

Up to 20% Savings

Combines the best of two worlds

HVT combines the mechanical and hydrostatic travel drive to join the best features of both technologies.   With HVT, Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems offers a convenient hydromechanical variable transmission for mobile machines and, by integrating the travel and working hydraulics, provides even greater potential for this advanced technology.

Travel drives in mobile machines are realized using two basic principles:

  • Either a mechanical travel drive with torque converter or a hydrostatic travel drive
  • Both drive concepts have inherent specific advantages.   HVT combines the advantages of the mechanical travel drive with torque converter with those of the hydrostatic travel drive.

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The idea of a power split transmission comes originally from tractor applications, whereas Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems has transferred this technology to additional application groups through modular design of the HVT.   These applications include: